Pineland provides customized, container grown seedlings for silvicultural planting for orders from 50,000 to 5,000,000. 

We offer great flexibility for species and size. Currently we utilize 12 different container sizes from 13 cc to 336 cc. and have extensive experience growing white spruce, black spruce, Norway spruce, jack pine, red pine, eastern white pine, Scots pine, and have produced smaller  amounts of various other species.  We have 63 separate growing structures which allows us to treat each crop individually. 


We have an intensive quality assurance program to monitor seedlings throughout the growth phase and while in overwinter storage.  We monitor each individual stocklot for several growth parameters from start to finish of each crop.  At any given time, we have information on the height, diameter, root and shoot weight, and how all parameters compare to “normal” growth curves; as well, we have information on growing medium pH and salt (fertilizer) levels.  We also do freezer tests and bud dissections to determine readiness for overwinter storage.   

Pineland’s staff works directly with silvicultural professionals to help determine your needs. We follow up with field consultations to work out any problems and monitor our seedlings progress with you.  We are also happy to have you visit the nursery to inspect your seedlings and view our facilities



Current Crop (summer plant) seedlings are sown early in the year and are available for late spring or summer planting.  Seedlings are lifted, packaged, and shipped directly to the field for planting.

Overwinter Crop seedlings are sown in late winter or early spring for shipping the following spring.  We offer on-site cold storage until your seedlings are required for planting in the spring or for snow caching in the winter.  We can also assist with your shipping requirements as we have a fleet of 9 refrigerated vans or we can deal directly with the client’s or planting contractor’s trucking firm of choice.