Pineland Forest Nursery provides seed extraction and cleaning services for various conifer species, most notably jack pine, red pine, white pine, Scots pine, black spruce, white spruce, and Norway spruce.  

We have different levels of service depending on your requirements.  We can clean seed to a basic (aerial) grade where seed is cleaned to a degree that is adequate for applications when direct seeding with either aerial or ground equipment is required.

We also clean seed to a higher degree for applications requiring higher purity (i.e. greenhouse seeding).  We can also separate seedlots into different size fractions.

All extracted seed is dried down to a moisture content that is proper for long-term storage.  Also we have facilities to test seed for germination, purity, and viability. 

Your cones are source identified from the time they are received through the cleaning process and into storage.  We have freezers on site to store seed and it will be retested every two to three years while in storage.