Pineland Forest Nursery has been in operation in Hadashville, Manitoba since 1953 providing seedlings and seed processing services for reforestation. Pineland was originally established to produce bareroot seedlings for the Province of Manitoba and has been producing greenhouse grown containerized seedlings since the early 1970’s.  The last bareroot seedlings produced at Pineland were lifted in October 2000 and we now produce containerized seedlings exclusively in our 7.35 acres (3.0 hectares) of greenhouse space.  

Pineland grown seedlings have been planted in all regions of Manitoba, and across  Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northwest and North-central Ontario, Minnesota, and Michigan.  We are well suited to grow seedlings from a wide geographic range, tailoring each crop for its specific needs, paying close attention to its geographic origin and how it is influenced by our local conditions.  We have managed to produce seedlings from as far north as Churchill, Manitoba (latitude 59 degrees North) where the nights are almost non-existent in the summer, and from as far south as Central Minnesota (46 degrees North).

Our seed processing facility has been in operation since 1964 and we have extensive experience extracting various conifer species and also provide storage and laboratory testing services for seed.   

 We have cold storage facilities on site that accommodates all seedlings we produce in our “overwinter” crop.  Seedlings can be shipped directly from our facility utilizing our own fleet of refrigerated vans, picked up by the trucking firm of your choice, or picked up directly by planting contractors.  For our U.S. customers, we have experience dealing with customs and can have seedlings shipped without delay.

Pineland features a hard-working, experienced, and dedicated staff which enable us to provide exceptional products and services customized to your needs.